oh the pure joy of being a newborn lifestyle photographer. how quickly we forget those tiny noises, those tiny toes, those tiny hearts…that steal ours in an instant.

all images © j.mo studio 2016 u.o.n. please do not use or reproduce without consent.newborn girl laying on bed“words can not express the joy of new life.” hermann hesse

…and so, i take pictures.

i was overjoyed to meet, and hold, and photograph this little pumpkin last week, when i had the opportunity to visit a dear friend from my childhood. it was delightful watching her beautifully transition into the role of motherhood…the abundant love in this little family is the kind that just makes your heart happy.

newborn lifestyle photographer captures mother making baby smile“mothers and their children are in a category all their own. there’s no bond so strong in the entire world. no love so instantaneous and forgiving.” gail tsukiyama

newborn girls sitting up and smilingnewborn girl wearing knit crownnewborn girl feet closeupnewborn lifestyle photographer captures father holding daughternothing like hanging out with daddy. such a sweet bond these two have already!

silhouette of father holding newborn daughter“a baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.” unknown

new parents smiling at newborn daughteri missed them all the minute i left, but also could not wait to return to my own little ones, who i was reminded are really not so little anymore! it is genuinely astounding at how quickly it all happens; i remember so clearly the day each of them was born, and already they are telling me jokes and picking out backpacks! i have so enjoyed all of the stages of early childhood, and cannot wait to embrace what the next fourteen years have in store…

if you (or someone you know) is expecting, and you’re thinking about booking a newborn lifestyle photographer to document this incredible time, please contact me: julia@jmostudio.com – i’d love to schedule something with you!

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