thankful…what am i thankful for? innumerable things. immeasurable things. but today, as i finish up this breathtaking big sur elopement, i am reminded that i am thankful for love, above all else. love for my husband, love for my kiddos, love for all those that have touched my heart, and…love. like. THIS. love that i get the unbelievable honor of witnessing, and sharing with the world. love like carly and andy’s.

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carly and andy were simply made for each other. they complement one another with absolute perfection. and while andy’s new job made it an extreme challenge to follow through on their “plans” for a traditional wedding, (or even a celebration of their union), it didn’t stop them from moving forward with something they both knew they wanted, and were more than ready for…a family. and nothing could have made this postponed elopement more perfect than the sweet, beautiful bump, so perfectly nestled between these two. i’m quite sure i have never seen a more radiant, expectant mama.

i could probably go on for hours about how incredible they are, as individuals, as a couple, as expectant parents…but often pictures speak louder than words. so i will leave it to you to fall in love with everything about their special day, from start to finish…

a foggy drive down the coast made for some pretty magical pre-ceremony portraits; we jumped at the chance to take advantage of such a serene, natural setting.

it is not often that i am brought to tears while editing…as i relived the declaration of such a touching, honest, true kind of love that these two share, i couldn’t contain myself. i could literally feel the connection between these two, and it was like no other.

you will not find a hundred pictures of “the details”, but you will discover about a hundred pictures of their emotion, their connection, their bond. because that’s exactly what this was about. and i honestly could not have imagined it any other way…

my “assistant” and i felt so incredibly blessed to be a part of this incredibly intimate ceremony. for all those who wanted so much to take part, and bare witness to the joining of these two perfectly matched souls, i hope with all my heart that i have done their day justice with this depiction, in allowing you to relive their unbelievably touching afternoon…which is truly, just the beginning of their journey together as husband and wife, mother and father, and love birds for the rest of their lives together.

and now…the “reception” 😉 perfect end to the perfect day…in every possible way. to a lifetime of happiness in your hearts – carly and andy, i could not have dreamed a more perfect celebration of your love for one another. congratulations!!! i cannot wait to see what the next chapter of your lives together holds 🙂




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  1. What a beautiful, intimate location, and I just love the emotion you were able to capture between them. Gorgeous photos!

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