denver engagement photographerCELEBRATING LOVE

all images © studio 2015 happiness! i never dreamed that when i finally found my most favorite local hair stylist, that i would also be finding one of my most favorite future clients! this beautiful woman has not only referred me business, but she has given me the honor, (and joy!) of documenting some of the most important, memorable moments in […]

traveling engagement photographerFROM SEATTLE WITH LOVE

“Classic tale of girl hires boy, boy maxes out credit card buying girl tequila and pizza, girl agrees to marry boy, boy already has all their future children named, girl takes a nap because she had to be up early for a thing.” – Boy & girl You know those kind of people that just make […]

YES!denver engagement photographer

You gotta love it when the universe sends someone your way that you just adore. This happened for me a year and a half ago when I met Noelle! After years of looking for a new go-to hair stylist, she instantly ended my search, and changed my life. She gave me confidence I didn’t know I had. She […]

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