denver fitness trainerTARA LAFERRARA

denver fitness trainer, tara laferrara teams up with denver fitness photographer studio for laughs, lunges, and an unforgettable fitness shoot . . .all images © studio 2018 u.o.n. do not use or reproduce without consent. let’s back IT up . . . i discovered the firecracker that is TARA in 2015, when our mutual friend chris decided that we […]

colorado fitness photographerALL ABOUT AMY

as a colorado fitness photographer, i get to work with a lot of exceptionally fit humans. but occasionally i meet one that i want to take home…(and be friends with forever). meet amy marolf. one of my new most favorite people 🙂all images © studio 2017 u.o.n. please do not use or reproduce without consent. i’m […]

denver fitness photographerCHRIS CARDIO KICKS BOOTY

all images © studio 2015, unless otherwise noted. please do not use or reproduce without consent. denver fitness photographer. if you’ve seen even one of’s sneak peeks of her then you’ve undoubtedly been anxiously awaiting the release of this rock star’s stunning fitness shoot, taken just days before her debut at the annual n.p.c. figure competition earlier this summer. […]

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