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what do you get when you take the sweetest, most adorable great-grandmother you can possible imagine, add all of her nearest kin, and tell them to go celebrate each other together? umm…one of the sweetest, most adorable photo sessions i have ever photographed.

02i don’t know about you, but things get a little crazy up in here when the summer months roll around…it always feels over just as soon as it begins! and it seems to get a little crazier every year. with everything else on the calendar, there is inevitably a birthday party to attend with each passing week – are there really that many more people born in the summer months? probably not…BUT, this is why i love how this bunch chose to celebrate.

this amazing family, cousins and all, decided to celebrate all those early summer birthdays, all at once. genius. everyone was there. everyone was excited. and everyone showered each other with love. it was absolutely perfect, and i was honored and delighted to capture it. i loved their energy. i could feel their happiness, and hopefully you will see it!


a giant hug and a huge thank you to this entire extended family, and all of their incredibly genuine smiles that made this post what it is 🙂






i am a denver portrait and wedding photographer based out of golden, colorado.

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  1. My aunt has a huge family and there are birthdays year round. The do a one a month get together and celebrate everyone whose birthday is in the current month. Saves on cake costs for sure!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I love lifestyle/portraits like these… love those special moments captured.

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