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if you’ve seen even one of’s sneak peeks of her then you’ve undoubtedly been anxiously awaiting the release of this rock star’s stunning fitness shoot, taken just days before her debut at the annual n.p.c. figure competition earlier this summer. it has been an incredible journey for her, but also for me…to witness the growth and transformation that occurred in her body, her mind, and her attitude. it takes an unbelievable amount of will power, perseverance, and dedication to maintain the program that she did, for as long as she did. i can’t count how many times she turned me down for a glass of wine or a margarita! every time i sit down to edit one of her photos, or see her face to face, she makes me want to be a stronger person, on so many levels. and for that i give her mad props.

because she worked so hard to prepare for our shoot, (i mean her competition), i wanted to rally an amazing team to make it everything she deserved. for the in-studio portion of our shoot, we were so grateful to have tori apodaca of bronze and beautiful provide stellar makeup, that really reflected chris’ ever-changing style. we were also extremely fortunate to have justice kwesi kwarteng, founder of colorado fashion week, on set to assist with creative direction and styling.

i am proud (and excited!) to present: chris cardio
22 21 why include the booty shot, you ask? because this mama, (that’s right guys, mama), worked HARD for that booty, and has every reason to be proud of it! doesn’t it kind of make you want to hire her to train you to have a booty like that? 😉
17 1516 14 1312 1011 0809we were also very pleased to have the über talented edith gastelum give chris the perfect look for our on-location, industrial portion of our shoot.
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…and just for fun, a few “behind the scenes” shots of chris preparing for her studio shoot with the ever-fashionable justice. (and yes, i purposely snuck into one of the shots) 😉24 2023


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  1. I have been waiting to see this full session Julia, and it turned out AMAZING! I love the way you captured this woman’s strength, confidence, and of course her awesome bod! Keep up the great work. You are so talented! xo

  2. Amazing! She is stunning. And you captured her personality in these images…she looks strong, beautiful and approachable. Gorgeous work!

  3. Holy amazing! She looks stunning. And I absolutely love these images, you captured her beautifully.

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