as a colorado fitness photographer, i get to work with a lot of exceptionally fit humans. but occasionally i meet one that i want to take home…(and be friends with forever). meet amy marolf. one of my new most favorite people 🙂colorado fitness photographerall images © studio 2017 u.o.n. please do not use or reproduce without consent.

i’m always stoked when i received fitness referrals from other awesome photographers. but i was beyond excited last spring when the referral i received was for this BA lady! i remember landing in an airport in florida, to a voicemail from this adorable, 5′-4″ powerhouse. i could tell right away that we were going to be a perfect fit. and i wasn’t wrong…it definitely took a few minutes for amy to warm up, (as it often does when a client shakes my hand, and immediately proceeds to remove 90% of their clothing). but then it happened. i managed to make her laugh a few times and the rest was history. she ROCKED her shoot, and reminded me exactly why i love what i do!denver fitness photographer studioamy started her career in fitness over three years ago. i am always so impressed and inspired by other lady bosses, so i was eager to get her story, and find out what inspired her to jump into this field…“after i left my corporate job at the denver broncos, it was important to me to help people and make a difference in their lives! when you’re fit and strong and healthy, it increases your confidence and energy, releases feel-good endorphins, reduces stress and sickness, and improves the quality of your relationships. i want everyone to experience these benefits and feel like a badass! and it’s about BALANCE. you don’t have to just eat chicken and broccoli 5x/day and never drink a sip of alcohol to look and feel good. you really can have your cake (and cocktails) and eat it too!”fitness coach holding barbell at crossfire gym in denveri love this answer. and i think balance is SO important for happiness, so i love that amy puts so much emphasis on this! but i also know it’s not all cake and cocktails…so i had to ask, what keeps you motivated when things get tough? “my passion to inspire others, and to make my son proud”. well this obviously just melted my heart. (and yes, i later got to meet this little stud muffin, when amy hired me later in the year to capture her and her handsome guy getting in the holiday spirit)!! and yes, my heart melted. again.winter eskimo kisses city park denver

amy says the greatest goal she has achieved in her business so far, is being featured in 5280 magazine. um, yes ma’am! i would say that’s an awesome achievement!! so, who has inspired or supported her the most in her career? “carrie okizaki has supported me the most! she is an incredible entrepreneur, attorney, business woman, mother and friend. she started as a client of mine and is now my mentor and pushes me to think bigger. my business wouldn’t be where it is today without her generous support. i’m so grateful for her!!!” i have to say, there are a LOT of incredible women out there that have helped me get where i am today as a colorado fitness photographer, so i loved hearing this from amy!
denver fitness photos by studio
i didn’t know it at our very first phone interview, but i quickly discovered amy’s alter ego as “fit whiskey girl“, which is so perfectly fitting. (you’ll see why in about five seconds)…
in case i wasn’t already like a thousand percent convinced that amy was one of the most awesome people i’d ever met, i came around the corner at the end of our shoot and was offered a shot of whiskey. yessssssss! 10th mountain whiskey & spirit company FTW!!
ok, we can’t wrap up without getting a few tips from the “fit whiskery girl”, so let’s get down and dirty…what are a few of your go-to snacks to get you through a busy day? RxBars, beef jerky, hard-boiled eggs and Bulletproof coffee“. ok good. i’m winning at life. and what are your favorite exercises to do when you only have 15 minutes or so, and no equipment? “squats, push-ups, lunges, plank-walk-ups, burpees! the list goes on and on :)”.
denver cross fit gym amy marolf medicine ball
ok cool, i’m still sorta winning…last, and probably most important, what is your favorite “fun” activity, when you’re not working? “eating tacos :)”. sweet. i’m definitely winning. 🙂 (and i can see once again amy, by your equally excessive use of emojis, why we were destined to work together)! 😉 hahaha
amy marolf laughing by studio the end.
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  1. Oh man, she is totally right! Staying fit is really all about balance, and finding the things you love to keep you motivated. This blog post is coming at a great time. I just started trying to get more serious about bike training to start pulling me out of this winter lull of exercise. But I know I’ve been needing to add some strength and other cardio training back in as well…. I’ll def have to sign up for her emails and help her keep me motivated 🙂 And like you Julia, I’m happy I’m at least doing a few things right (like bulletproof coffee!). haha. Great post!

    1. that’s awesome tegan!! you’ll be so happy you decided to follow her – she’s full of great fitness and nutrition tips, and her attitude is just contagious! 😉 and your head is totally in the right place…i’ve been riding for a long time, but this is the first winter that i actually stayed active (mostly in the gym), but i added way more strength training, and it made SUCH a difference!! i am so much stronger on my bike right now, at the BEGINNING of the season, (which NEVER happens)! so go for it girl, you got this!!! 😀

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