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as a colorado wedding photographer, i am spoiled with a lot of exquisitely scenic first looks . . . and kirsten + zac’s first look at aspen canyon ranch was no exception! standing on top of the world, watching these two share this incredibly special moment was absolutely breathtaking. (and much to my delight, zac also offered us all hilarious, nonstop comic relief).

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black and white bridal portrait

kirsten, (aka “kirty”), has reached out to me numerous times over the years for various photography sessions, and i have always been so excited to reconnect with her, and her sweet family. it has been such a treat for me to capture the momentous events in their lives, so when she contacted me last year to see if i was available to photograph her WEDDING, i was overjoyed! i knew that no detail would be overlooked, and more importantly, that every person attending would be SO special . . . and i wasn’t wrong.

aspen canyon ranch wedding detailsthe gorgeous florals were arranged by michelle at sweet pea flower company.

kirty got busy getting “fancy” with hair by ivana molet from glam house salon, and makeup by melissa gamboa from mac at nordstrom cherry creek.

her gorgeous pronovias orma dress from maci marie bridal fit her like a glove! meanwhile, zac was starting to look pretty dapper downstairs . . .

(and the colorful, hand made fish-hook boutonnieres added a stunning touch)!

. . . time for the first look!

groom waiting for bride first lookTHIS. this is my favorite first look photo. ever. at first glance, perhaps there are many mixed, confusing emotions . . . but if you recall, i mentioned zac was full of hilarity. so i assure you, this was all in good fun. (and it still makes me crack up every time i see it)!

ok, time to get serious . . .

aspen canyon ranch wedding mountaintop first look nothing short of perfect. so much love, and so much LAUGHTER! now time for a few family formals before they head down to tie the knot.

aspen canyon ranch family wedding portraits wedding portraits aspen canyon ranchthe flower girls were clearly ready to get this party started!

aspen canyon ranch outdoor wedding aspen canyon ranch outdoor wedding aspen canyon ranch outdoor weddingi’m sure it comes as no surprise that their officiant was equally hilarious, and that this was quite literally the funniest wedding ceremony i have ever witnessed. hands down.

aspen canyon ranch wedding receptionaspen canyon ranch outdoor weddingand now . . . time to get the other party started.

and with everyone’s attention front and center . . .

. . . time for a good butt grab!

(or two).

and finally, for the best surprise of the night . . . la hora loca!!!

aspen canyon ranch reception crazy houraspen canyon ranch reception crazy hourtruly, SO. MUCH. FUN.

after a good bride and groom hoist, it was time to throw down some moves.

aspen canyon ranch reception crazy houraspen canyon ranch reception crazy hourkirty showed everyone up with some moves of her own.

and then they lived happily ever after. (trust me).



julia morgan photographeri figured you were wondering if i got down with my bad self too.

(obviously). thank you zac + kirty for including me in your AMAZING colorado wedding!! wishing you all the best, for always.


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the end 🙂

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  1. The pictures look amazing you did such a wonderful job. The ones with umbrellas are so cute and the little flower girls love them.

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