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denver fitness trainer, tara laferrara teams up with denver fitness photographer studio for laughs, lunges, and an unforgettable fitness shoot . . .denver fitness photographer photoall images © studio 2018 u.o.n. do not use or reproduce without consent.

let’s back IT up . . .

i discovered the firecracker that is TARA in 2015, when our mutual friend chris decided that we should probably meet. (she was not wrong).

we did our first shoot together in february of that year, and i was immediately impressed with tara’s . . . EVERYTHING! her incredibly enviable physique, her contagiously energetic personality, and her MAD hops! this girl can jump people. it’s ridic.

fitness instructor tara laferarra leaps high across black and white striped wallsince then, we’ve enjoyed a few coffee dates, a few BA workouts, and an epic retreat in tulum, (which was a fitness photographer’s dream come true), but i also got to revel in the magic that was BEACH . MOVEMENT . BALANCE it was a rejuvenating experience on ALL levels.

words can’t describe how much i needed (and LOVED) that retreat. and in case you’re wondering, YES! – you can also be a part of this experience in 2018 . . . just click on the BMB link above!! (you’re welcome).

fitness trainer tara laferrara does splits high in the airi have to take a quick second for a shout out to jillian keaveny, who also helped make this retreat so special. if you’ve never experienced a SOUND OFF yoga class with her in denver, you absolutely should!

funny photo of fitness trainer kicking yoga instructor across beachfunny photo of yoga instructor throwing fitness trainer across beachtwo women doing yoga pose together on beach in tulum mexicothese ladies have created something truly magical. if taking care of your head, your heart, and your BODY is on your list for 2018, you should definitely consider this!

ok back to this AWESOME shoot we did . . .

at a smoothie date in early december, tara shared with me a vision she’d had for some time. i was instantly on board. i was so stoked that she basically dictated a vision that i had been imagining since i began my career in photography.

tara described it beautifully in a recent IG post she shared: “every four years ESPN magazine puts out an issue where the olympians are completely naked doing their sport. everyone from gymnasts to basketball players to sumo wrestlers. i’m so fascinated by the human body and how every BODY is so different in their own beautiful way”.

so within weeks, tara “stripped down, trusted myself and (julia), and let the magic happen behind the camera“.

denver fitness trainer tara laferrara poses tastefully nude on yoga mat for fitness shoot with jmostudiofitness model tara laferrara poses nude for fitness shoot with jmostudiofitness model tara laferrara poses tastefully nude on yoga mat for fitness shoot

because tara is a denver fitness trainer . . .

(and lives and breathes fitness), i figured i’d get the inside scoop on some of her favorite sports apparel brands;

i love checking for new gear, clothing and shoes. it’s tough (to choose), but i’d have to say my top 3 are athleta, nike and adidas

when it comes to athleta, i LOVE the way their gear fits. as women, we have such different shapes and sizes which can make finding the right clothes challenging. but with athleta, their clothes fit me so well. their customer service is great and they give an awesome discount to trainers. they also have a really powerful voice to the women in fitness, which i love.

and nike is just one of those brands you just can’t stray away from. i find myself at the nike outlet too often to admit. i go through shoes like they are going out of style. sneaks are the only shoes i wear, so i buy several at a time on the cheap at the outlet and rotate wearing them.

as for adidas, i recently got back from europe and wore my adidas originals 70% of the time i was there. not only were they comfortable, but they are HIP! the originals are making a comeback in a huge way, through influencers and their vintage style. i love it.

speaking of adidas, i don’t think it ever looked so good! 😉

denver fitness trainer tara laferrara poses nude on yellow sofa at fitness shoot with jmostudiodenver fitness trainer tara laferrara poses tastefully nude on stool with adidas hatfitness model tara laferrara poses tastefully nude on stool with adidas hatthese days it’s not hard to find fitness inspiration or #fitspo on instagram. so i had to ask, who do YOU follow?! “hands down @kaisafit – she is absolutely INCREDIBLE. her moves inspire me, her open/realness motivates me, and seems like so much fun. i have a girl crush on her for sure.

denver fitness trainer tara laferrara poses for fitness boudoir shootdenver fitness trainer tara laferrara poses for fitness shoot with jmostudio at denver photo collective in lakewoodtara grew up with three brothers, whom she always wanted to keep up with, so movement came at a young age for her. now she says she is “lucky to call my hobby and passion for fitness my career” as a denver fitness trainer.

fitness model tara laferrara poses in lingerie for boudoir photosince it’s N E W  Y E A R S, i have to end with one inspirational tidbit 😉 so i asked tara what advice she had for someone who’s dying to make a healthy change, but just can’t find the motivation?

ask yourself why you are wanting to make this change, and are you willing to take some other things out of your life in order to make that happen? if you are willing to give up some sleep and wake up an extra hour to workout, then yes. if you are willing to give up happy hour drinks for meal prep, then yes. people motivate me more than ever. i can’t tell you how many times i have seen the twinkle in someone’s eyes when they are really ready to do it. it gives me goosebumps.

so there you go. i wish you all a H A P P Y and healthy start to your new year. and if you find yourself seeking a denver fitness trainer, you know right where to start 🙂


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  1. That retreat sounds really cool glad you got to go. Don’t you love when your plans lined up with someone you can go along the journey with. I love those action shots at the beginning such a cool movement in them

    1. yes hilary! i was so lucky that everything fell into place for that retreat, it really was incredible 🙂

  2. These fitness photographs are inspiring! I love the poses. I also have plans to do better in 2018 when it comes to health and fitness. This is great.

    1. thanks aida! me too…i feel like it’s a constant goal for me, and there is *always* room for improvement 😉

  3. Wow, these portraits are striking! I would be so nervous taking pictures like that, but she is so CONFIDENT! I wish I was like that, because these pictures are awesome. You did a great job with this session!

  4. Your photography is creative! I think it’s so amazing what the human body can do and how it can be utilized for so many different things. You did an awesome job with this post! Hope you had a great 2017

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