after the countless, (amazing!) shoots that filled up my fall, followed by the immediate hustle and bustle of all that is december, i was so delighted to get an opportunity to slow things down and recharge with some incredible ladies! i jumped at the chance to take part in a “head shot swap” with a handful of unbelievably talented, female photographers last week.

before we dive in, a huge shout out to adena rossiter from blush and tease, who was SO gracious to host us at her fabulous studio in denver! she made it fun and efficient, and took some really great behind the scenes shots…

all images © studio 2016 u.o.n. please do not use or reproduce without up: miss taylor fisher of taylor jones photography. after a much needed dose of CAFFEINE, we jumped right into things and played around with the gorgeous, natural window light that filled adena’s studio. up, this absolutely stunning mama to be! kelly wilkerson of kelly wilkerson photography is one of the sweetest ladies i know, and definitely one of the prettiest pregnant ladies i’ve had the pleasure of photographing 😉, the lovely lanelle jones of lanelle jones photography. we had a fun time trying to shoot around “moose”, (our special furry visitor you’ll see up next), who wanted so much to make a cameo in our session! his wish came true! robin’s sweet little “moose” made his debut after all. there were too many beauties to photograph in the time allotted, i did my best to snag a few behind the scenes shots of the ladies i did not have the chance to swap with. below, the beautiful mia harlow of mia harlow photography. she does absolutely stunning fine art portraits! (and she’s pretty cute when she’s primping in the mirror) next candid subject: rayna mcginnis of rayna mcginnis photography. she is a fellow fitness junkie, an avid traveler, and shares my love of planning, organization, and numbers! 😉 i love second shooting with her, and trading “fitness” portrait sessions when it’s warm out. incidentally, she recently posted one that i shot of her on her blog, at:

and yes, she was very successful at “hiding” from me during this shoot out… little lady was another one i was sad to miss pairing up with, but was glad to snag a couple of “action” shots of miss rebecca walsh, of RAW photography. she’s simply adorable, and takes breathtaking, emotional, lifestyle birth talented mama was a blast to work with. robin johnson of robin’s photography was entertaining to say the least! and i just loved the soft, thoughtful emotion present in her model up, anne miller of perfect shot. we stepped outside of the studio to change things up for this last little session, and she totally rocked the red on red! one final behind the scenes with nicole nichols, of nicole nichols photography. couldn’t resist that cute little smile peeking out from that cute little hat! was such a joy to work, (and laugh) alongside these fantastic women for an hour, which flew by way too fast. but my post wouldn’t be complete without at least a couple of my favorite shots, taken by some of the lovely ladies above…(believe me, it was so hard to choose)! credit: robin’s photography credit: robin’s photography, head-shotphoto credit: taylor jones photography

a HUGE thank you to everyone who showed up, and made this the perfect little head shot swap! credit: blush and tease


have you been meaning to update your head shots? no time like the present 🙂 give me a shout, let’s schedule something! and please, check out more of my head shot and portrait work here: studio


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  1. I love how everyone shoots differently but all the photographs are awesome in different ways. No one eye is the same. Looks like you got some great shots of yourself too to use for the future!

    1. totally! i had the exact same thought while editing (and receiving) all of the different photos…i love getting a chance to experience other photographers’ styles first hand 😉

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