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my very first breath, my first words, my first kiss…receiving my diploma, my degree…saying “i do”, holding my first child as he took his very first breath…and again with my second…falling in love with photography, starting my business, and sitting here writing this blog post…it has all happened here. in colorado.

if you live here, you know – it is undeniably gorgeous. and if you don’t live here, you have likely heard about the breathtaking scenery around every corner. so it is no small wonder that most of what i shoot is outside. and most of what my clients want are those rugged rocky mountains, those golden leaf aspens, or any one of those perfect, natural backdrops our state has to offer. but every now and then, i get to do something unexpected. something exciting!

it may seem so contrary coming from a colorado native, but i am such an urban girl at heart. yes i love the rolling hills. yes i love riding my bike endlessly through the ever changing landscapes. yes i love going on outdoor adventures with my boys. i love it all. but what really gets me excited and inspired is when my client responds, “yeah, i think an urban shoot would be awesome…let’s do it!”

yes. let’s do it.

i assume people hear “urban” and think one of two things: 1) oooohh, that sounds fun and exciting! or, 2) nope, not for me, no thank you. i wonder if those number two’s are just imagining dreary shades of gray and cold brick walls. and that’s it, the end.

that’s SO not the end!
03let’s find some COLOR in that brick wall…0506…or maybe a little SPARKLE!0007…or flying fish!09…or feathers?1119too black and white? ok…more COLOR!1213or how about we find one that looks just like you…(or me)…14…or someone else?
15maybe someone who speaks to my client?16(or just secretly speaks to my client)17maybe something that reminds you of a dream you once had…
18…or a fantasy?21or maybe that’s all just too much and you really, truly just want a “simple” backdrop. perfect…what color? black?22maybe green?23ok, less green…more pistachio?24less green still…how about more yellow?25ok, too much color. how about gray?26too hypnotic? ok, gray brick.27but maybe more textured…28ok, you changed your mind again. you decided you like the murals. but close up…29no, never mind. far away…30ok, perfect!

yes. perfect.

fortunately for me, these AMAZING clients thought it was perfect too. and i didn’t even have to ask twice!20150517-DSC_231220150517-DSC_2370the backdrop was perfect. but more importantly, the family was. and i mean ‘perfect’ in that “oh my gosh you’re so cute and happy i want to squeeze you” kind of way.20150517-DSC_239620150517-DSC_242520150517-DSC_252120150517-DSC_254020150517-DSC_267520150517-DSC_2491i love it. i love the emotion. i love having fun with my clients! just about everyone that steps in front of the camera immediately freezes and says, “tell me what to do?” you know what i say? have fun! just. have. fun. love on your kids. love on each other. goof around. play. pretend i’m not here. THAT’S what i want to see. yes, we’ll take some ‘posed’ pictures, because we can make them creative and ‘fun’ too, but i promise…you’ll forever love the ones where you’re just being your silly old self.
20150517-DSC_265520150517-DSC_270020150517-DSC_262420150517-DSC_256420150517-DSC_257520150517-DSC_2729oh yeah…and kisses. lots of kisses!


a huge thank you to all of the known (and unknown) artists who helped make this shoot, and this post possible. i sincerely thank you for making colorado so colorful!

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  1. It’s always a pleasure to read your blog entries, but this one was especially enjoyable. For one, I’m a huge fan of this amazing family and their pictures turned out just as I would expect. But additionally, I love the “gallery” you created of all the art that can be found throughout Denver. I recognize some of the murals you showed, but you introduced a lot of new ones, too. And all of the patterns and colors you captured as examples for backgrounds really triggered my creative side. Thank you for illustrating this unique part of Denver!

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