i never cared too much about valentines day. until i had kids. i guess that’s because my husband and i never felt we needed an explicit holiday to celebrate our love for one another…and we certainly didn’t need one more reason to have candy and chocolate sitting around our house! for the sake of creating an excuse to go out on the town for a night, we made a tradition of having a “date” on february 13th, because it was so much easier to make a reservation, find a babysitter, park the car, (you get the idea). it was our perfect solution to ‘celebrating’ the holiday, without any risk of disappointment if things just didn’t work out for one reason or another. (i.e. this year our dinner “date” turned into an afternoon mountain bike ride, which may have actually been our best holiday yet!)

DSC_5751however, as i mentioned, my impartial attitude towards the holiday changed when i had kids. (but i suppose that has more to do with my innate desire to get crafty and host a party than anything else). most adults i know have very strong feelings about this particular holiday, one way or another, but promise a child some candy and cupcakes and they wouldn’t miss it for the world!

DSC_5807-2thus, the ‘baby valentine’ party was born. my boys, (with a little help from their mama), invited all of their ‘baby’ friends to a party that promised tasty eats and sweet treats, and you better believe they all showed up! this party quickly became one of the most adorable events i have ever witnessed. so of course, i couldn’t not pull out my camera…

this year, for the first time, i offered a ‘mini session’ at our baby valentine party. and as i had expected, it was indeed, very adorable.DSC_6333DSC_6006DSC_6078DSC_6147DSC_6307DSC_6205 DSC_6271DSC_6218

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