denver lifestyle photographerTWO CANDLES

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this delightful party was everything i expected – a sweet feminine theme, amazing decor, delicious food, bouncing balloons, and tons of little friends. but the best part? the adorable, pint-sized hostess! she couldn’t have been cuter in her hot pink dress and teensy gold shoes, (and yes, she matched her party perfectly). there is almost nothing i love capturing more than tiny people having fun…lifestyle…not “posing” for the camera, but just having fun. being themselves. laughing, crying, and everything in between…this is the good stuff.
03939038037036035034031030029026028027025024have you ever seen a more beautiful cake for a two year old’s birthday? (me neither).

023022sometimes it’s really hard to turn two…

021but realizing you get to stuff your face with cake when it’s all over usually makes it all a little easier!

020019018and usually a few kisses from mama doesn’t hurt either.

017or snuggles from a “funny” uncle!

016and this guy…an unbelievable father, (and proud grandpa to say the least). he’s one of those people you just instantly love, (and later realize how lucky you are if he happened to be a part of your life). it’s no wonder he produced such an amazing family!

013012it’s also hard to be a baby sometimes…(especially since you don’t get the cake part to make it all better) :/

015umm…that hair! so impressed.

014010opening all those presents was hard work…

009 i’m outa here.

011008 007 006 005 004 003 002 001 000the end.

denver fitness photographerCHRIS CARDIO KICKS BOOTY

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if you’ve seen even one of’s sneak peeks of her then you’ve undoubtedly been anxiously awaiting the release of this rock star’s stunning fitness shoot, taken just days before her debut at the annual n.p.c. figure competition earlier this summer. it has been an incredible journey for her, but also for me…to witness the growth and transformation that occurred in her body, her mind, and her attitude. it takes an unbelievable amount of will power, perseverance, and dedication to maintain the program that she did, for as long as she did. i can’t count how many times she turned me down for a glass of wine or a margarita! every time i sit down to edit one of her photos, or see her face to face, she makes me want to be a stronger person, on so many levels. and for that i give her mad props.

because she worked so hard to prepare for our shoot, (i mean her competition), i wanted to rally an amazing team to make it everything she deserved. for the in-studio portion of our shoot, we were so grateful to have tori apodaca of bronze and beautiful provide stellar makeup, that really reflected chris’ ever-changing style. we were also extremely fortunate to have justice kwesi kwarteng, founder of colorado fashion week, on set to assist with creative direction and styling.

i am proud (and excited!) to present: chris cardio
22 21 why include the booty shot, you ask? because this mama, (that’s right guys, mama), worked HARD for that booty, and has every reason to be proud of it! doesn’t it kind of make you want to hire her to train you to have a booty like that? 😉
17 1516 14 1312 1011 0809we were also very pleased to have the über talented edith gastelum give chris the perfect look for our on-location, industrial portion of our shoot.
05060304 02 0100




…and just for fun, a few “behind the scenes” shots of chris preparing for her studio shoot with the ever-fashionable justice. (and yes, i purposely snuck into one of the shots) 😉24 2023


colorado wedding photographerEQUESTRIAN COUNTRY WEDDING

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from the moment i met the lovely and talented ashley louise mckenzie of ashley mckenzie photography, i secretly hoped to one day have the opportunity to shoot with her…i don’t know if it was our matching haircuts, our mutual affinity for birds, or simply her sweet nature, but whatever the reason i was drawn to her. so it is no surprise that i was delighted to have the opportunity to second shoot for earlier this summer at an unbelievably gorgeous, sunlit equestrian country wedding in loveland, colorado.
DSC_4953meeting this sweet couple for the first time, i was amazed and impressed not only by the bride’s ability to ride bareback in a wedding dress, (bouquet and all), but by the sincere and genuine love they expressed for each other. there was no question that these two were meant for one another, right down to their boots!
34363533 32 313837 30 27 26 25 24 23 22 20 1719 15 1416 13 12 11 10 09 08 07 06 05 04 03 02 01 00i absolutely adore attending weddings, whether it be for work OR pleasure. but i do especially love the role of capturing some of the most magical moments that two people will share, which have been carefully planned and anticipated for months if not years, and will be remembered for a lifetime.

nothing could have made this evening more perfect. these two were surrounded by love and laughter, friends and family, dogs and horses, and each other…for ever and ever.


denver lifestyle photographerCELEBRATE

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what do you get when you take the sweetest, most adorable great-grandmother you can possible imagine, add all of her nearest kin, and tell them to go celebrate each other together? umm…one of the sweetest, most adorable photo sessions i have ever photographed.

02i don’t know about you, but things get a little crazy up in here when the summer months roll around…it always feels over just as soon as it begins! and it seems to get a little crazier every year. with everything else on the calendar, there is inevitably a birthday party to attend with each passing week – are there really that many more people born in the summer months? probably not…BUT, this is why i love how this bunch chose to celebrate.

this amazing family, cousins and all, decided to celebrate all those early summer birthdays, all at once. genius. everyone was there. everyone was excited. and everyone showered each other with love. it was absolutely perfect, and i was honored and delighted to capture it. i loved their energy. i could feel their happiness, and hopefully you will see it!


a giant hug and a huge thank you to this entire extended family, and all of their incredibly genuine smiles that made this post what it is 🙂






i am a denver portrait and wedding photographer based out of golden, colorado.

denver portrait photographerBROTHERLY LOVE

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“blog at least once a week.” that is the rule these days if you want to keep up. well, guess what? i can’t. and i don’t. not just because i rarely have the time, but because it is an incredible challenge for me to pump out a storyline (to accompany my favorite shots) when it feels forced. when it’s not authentic. when it’s not personal. i don’t know why this is so hard for me, but it should come as no small surprise that when i sat down to blog this actually personal post about my own boys, i found myself overflowing. this was never intended to be a birth story…or a life story for that matter. it was intended to be a short and sweet little tale of two tiny brothers who are the best of friends. to accompany the sweet images i captured of them not too long ago. but this is not that post. that was too easy. and this…this was hard. while i promise you will see more images from this shoot following the story, you will also get to see many others, that help tell the whole story, from start to finish.


for as long as i can remember, i wanted to be a mom. so much so that i took on the role of “mini-mom” to my two younger sisters at a very young age. from changing their diapers, to making their lunches, to dressing them up for staged “photo shoots”,  i did it all. so when the time came to finally have my very own babies, i was beside myself. my excitement however was temporarily squelched when i discovered that my husband, as much as he wanted a family, was not in quite so much a rush. after a lot of conversation and a lot of tears, i finally submitted to the fact that he was probably right. as anxious as i was to fulfill this lifelong dream of mine, we didn’t need to rush. we needed to wait. we needed to be a family. we needed to cherish this uninterrupted time we had to learn even more about each other. learn how to communicate…well. practice loving each other unconditionally. and, without a doubt, TRAVEL.


(2) photos by stefan wieland

so we did. we went everywhere. and it was perfect. and in retrospect it is exactly what we should have done. then, when the right time came two years later, i was really excited. never expecting that our journey would be a heart-wrenching test of patience, and will, and faith in all things greater than ourselves.

anyone who has ever experienced a miscarriage, (which turns out to be a lot more women than you might expect), knows what an impossibly emotional struggle it is. i can’t begin to describe the overwhelming sadness and fear that I felt. but i was fortunate, and grateful…to be surrounded by so much love, encouragement, and positive energy from my husband, my family, and my friends. so i got through it. stronger than i had been before. more aware than i had been before.

until it happened a second time.

then i felt broken. devastated. numb. i began to question everything. my dream of becoming a mother seemed a fading memory that i thought i might never live to see fulfilled. i was crushed. no amount of empathy or compassion could heal the pain i felt. then just like that, only one month later (and against every possible expectation i had), it happened. for real. it was hard not to be wary, and nervous, and terrified. but i swore to myself up and down that i would do everything in my power to sustain a healthy, growing baby. and that i would love it unconditionally, to the ends of the earth…if we ever got the chance to meet.

and we did.

IMG_6628 copy 1IMG_6629 copy 1

(2) photos by taleah webb

nine, (ten) months later, i was as ready as i’d ever be to welcome a beautiful, much anticipated little boy. but i let him stay an extra week anyway, just for good measure! unfortunately, my birth experience was absolutely nothing like what my natural child-birthing classes had prepared me for. i went in ready to conquer the world, and instead was defeated beyond belief. i labored for twenty-five hours. without intervention or medication. i stalled in transition for several hours, (which if you’re not familiar, is the most excruciating stage of labor). i literally thought i wasn’t going to make it…this sounds ridiculous, but i remember telling my husband repeatedly that this might kill me.

when it seemed things were at their worst, there was suddenly a lot of commotion on the doctor’s end and i was informed that my baby was quickly going into stress, and i would need to have an emergency c-section. i could do nothing but cry. i had nothing left. i had given everything i had to give, and my body was failing me. all i knew in that moment was that i wanted desperately to hold my precious baby. feel his breath. kiss his head…and never, never let go.

the next fifteen minutes were a whirlwind. my mind was painfully present, but my body was completely checked out. i could not move a muscle, even to receive the spinal. the doctors literally had to move me, bend me, and prepare me for the operation. within minutes i felt nothing but the wrenching grip of the blood pressure monitor on my bicep. it was incredibly tight, and it was all i could focus on. but in a matter of minutes they told me it was all over. for a brief moment i waited to hear that first cry. it felt like an eternity…then, at long last, i heard the most relieving, wonderful sound in the world. and i felt like i could finally breathe for the first time in over a year. i looked up at my husband, whose hand had not left mine for hours. he had tears pouring down his face. every part of me wanted so much to join him in a good cry, but the tears wouldn’t come…why? i have always been extremely emotional, (like i cry at kleenex commercials), and i genuinely thought something was wrong with me. this was possibly the most emotional moment in my entire life; why couldn’t i crybecause i literally had nothing left. between the unbelievably long, hard labor, and the drugs from the spinal, my body was just done. but i got over it real fast. the doctors placed my son on my chest and instantly, that was all that mattered. and for a long time…that was all that mattered.

DSC_0014IMG_6848 copy 1DSC_0019(3) photos by doctors on staff at penrose saint francis


until we did it again…

the second round was much less dramatic. or scary. or challenging. only six short months later, we got pregnant about five seconds after we started trying, (much to our surprise)! while i was not necessarily prepared for the whirlwind that is “two under two”, i was still excited. and overjoyed.


photo by chelsea keeney

we decided to have a “gender reveal” party for our family and close friends. my every intuition, (up until that ultrasound), told me it was another boy. but the technician, who was instructed to keep it a secret, gave me every reason to believe it was a girl. so i did. and i got very excited! and when i cut into that gender reveal cake at our party later that day, i think every guest at the party could feel my astonishment that the filling was blue! such a whirlwind of emotions. for so long i had been mentally prepared for another boy, but for a brief moment she got my hopes up that we would have one of each, (since that’s what we had always “planned” for, and imagined). so many miniature tutus and sweet little hair bows had i coveted while shopping, and secretly hoped i would have a reason to buy one day. so i suddenly felt disappointed, (and guilty). but only for about sixty seconds…as soon as i allowed myself to let go of the disappointment and surprise, i was able to recognize what an amazing adventure lie ahead. the truth is, i already had one boy that i was madly in love with. so why did i need to have a girl? i didn’t. the gender was so much less important than i had made it out to be. what was important was that these tiny human beings we were blessed with were ours to love, nurture, (and do our absolute best not to screw up). and that was enough. i knew in my heart that these two brothers, so close in age, were going to be the best of friends. and they are. and i truly couldn’t ask for more. now, whenever i lament that i have no reason to buy adorable little “girlie” things, i just buy them for a friend. and i feel 100% better.


photo by chelsea keeney

for the sake of brevity, i will spare the details of my second labor and delivery. let’s just say it was far easier than the first, but equally fulfilling, and heart warming. it’s funny – when you get pregnant for the second time, you find yourself asking difficult, self-inflicting questions like, “how can i possibly love another person, baby, as much as i love my first child?” and it kills you that you even think it…but then, just like that, you fall madly in love all over again. and you realize that your love doesn’t have to divide…it grows. exponentially. and then you forgive yourself for ever even having those thoughts in the first place. and then later on, you witness the love they have for each other, and your heart explodes a little bit. every time.

IMG_9237IMG_9206(2) photos by chad morgan

IMG_9160photo by nora adams

IMG_8658 copy 1

so why, four years later, do i recount this story? well frankly, because when i sat down to blog my photo shoot of these adorable little punks, and tried to decide what would be the cutest or funniest anecdote to share about them, this is just what started to spill out. yes, it’s very personal. yes, it’s long-winded. but, it’s my story. it’s our story. and now i have it forever…not just my own recollection, but on-record so to speak. and now i’ve shared it with you! maybe some part of it touched you. or made you think of someone close to you. or simply warmed your heart. and for that i would share most anything.

many people throughout my life have teased me for being too “perfect”. i assure you, i am far from it. a perfectionist, i have been since always. but perfect, never. i am very human. i recall being brought to tears on many occasions over the last few years, watching commercials, videos, posts, anything i related to that struck a cord. made me feel understood. appreciated. valued. that made me feel like even when i was having the hardest day in the world, i was not alone. and somehow that made it easier. if even for a moment.

don’t get me wrong, these boys rock my world in the most amazing ways, and my husband does an unbelievable job of making me feel loved, needed, and appreciated. but i won’t lie…it’s hard. no one ever said parenting was easy. some days it feels like there are more tears than giggles, and that i’m screaming more than any human should ever scream. especially at tiny people. but every day gets a little easier, and a little more fun. and before i know it, that first year with two babies that felt like forever is long gone, and now the days are flying by. my boys are growing like weeds and surprising me in the most awesome ways, every day. and…it’s. all. been. worth. it. SO worth it. i love these two little munchkins with every ounce of my being and always will. no matter how hard it is to be the one “in charge”.

if all you take away from this is a little bit of encouragement, a tiny chuckle, a few happy tears, that’s ok. that’s what it’s meant for. it’s all about connection, and that’s what we’re here for. to do our best to reach out and let someone know that they are loved. and supported. even when things are really hard. especially when things are really hard. whatever their story may be.

in spite of the fact that my boys just skipped their nap, and instead did an ungodly amount of damage in the last couple hours i’ve spent writing, i am going to go remind them just how much they are loved. because they are. and they deserve to be reminded. forever.


now back to the SHORT and sweet tale of two little bros that are the best of friends. they are. there is no question about it. no matter how much fighting or screaming they do, there is no denying that they have a special bond that nothing and no one can break. and it warms my heart. they look out for each other, show care and concern for one another, and make each other giggle like no one else can.


IMG_8054 copy 1IMG_0168DSC_0475DSC_0417IMG_9282DSC_9124DSC_0359DSC_0261IMG_0973DSC_0560DSC_0565DSC_0763DSC_0721DSC_1005DSC_0990IMG_1619DSC_372909DSC_0582DSC_0482-2DSC_149720150613-DSC_6309

and there you have it. bros and buds. forever.

being one of seven children, i can say with authority that the bond between siblings is like no other. every year i grow older, i feel closer and more connected to my brothers and sisters, and wouldn’t trade them for the world. even though that first year with two babies was incredibly trying at times, it was worth every second knowing that my boys now have each other. and hey, how else would i have gotten these awesome mom arms? 😉 it is amazing to watch them grow and learn together. teach each other things, (good and bad). this is the good stuff. i love listening to their conversations…the boys just pulled out their new doctor kit and i watched my two year old put the stethoscope in his ears, put it on his brother’s stomach and tell him, “um, i think your heart is coming out of your butt, i need to give you some medicine”. i will never get tired of this. now if only they could stay tiny forever…photos!! so at least i can remember. always.

the end.




i am a denver, wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer based out of golden, colorado. if my story touched you, please share it with someone you think might enjoy it!

denver portrait photographer GOES URBAN

all images © studio 2015

my very first breath, my first words, my first kiss…receiving my diploma, my degree…saying “i do”, holding my first child as he took his very first breath…and again with my second…falling in love with photography, starting my business, and sitting here writing this blog post…it has all happened here. in colorado.

if you live here, you know – it is undeniably gorgeous. and if you don’t live here, you have likely heard about the breathtaking scenery around every corner. so it is no small wonder that most of what i shoot is outside. and most of what my clients want are those rugged rocky mountains, those golden leaf aspens, or any one of those perfect, natural backdrops our state has to offer. but every now and then, i get to do something unexpected. something exciting!

it may seem so contrary coming from a colorado native, but i am such an urban girl at heart. yes i love the rolling hills. yes i love riding my bike endlessly through the ever changing landscapes. yes i love going on outdoor adventures with my boys. i love it all. but what really gets me excited and inspired is when my client responds, “yeah, i think an urban shoot would be awesome…let’s do it!”

yes. let’s do it.

i assume people hear “urban” and think one of two things: 1) oooohh, that sounds fun and exciting! or, 2) nope, not for me, no thank you. i wonder if those number two’s are just imagining dreary shades of gray and cold brick walls. and that’s it, the end.

that’s SO not the end!
03let’s find some COLOR in that brick wall…0506…or maybe a little SPARKLE!0007…or flying fish!09…or feathers?1119too black and white? ok…more COLOR!1213or how about we find one that looks just like you…(or me)…14…or someone else?
15maybe someone who speaks to my client?16(or just secretly speaks to my client)17maybe something that reminds you of a dream you once had…
18…or a fantasy?21or maybe that’s all just too much and you really, truly just want a “simple” backdrop. perfect…what color? black?22maybe green?23ok, less green…more pistachio?24less green still…how about more yellow?25ok, too much color. how about gray?26too hypnotic? ok, gray brick.27but maybe more textured…28ok, you changed your mind again. you decided you like the murals. but close up…29no, never mind. far away…30ok, perfect!

yes. perfect.

fortunately for me, these AMAZING clients thought it was perfect too. and i didn’t even have to ask twice!20150517-DSC_231220150517-DSC_2370the backdrop was perfect. but more importantly, the family was. and i mean ‘perfect’ in that “oh my gosh you’re so cute and happy i want to squeeze you” kind of way.20150517-DSC_239620150517-DSC_242520150517-DSC_252120150517-DSC_254020150517-DSC_267520150517-DSC_2491i love it. i love the emotion. i love having fun with my clients! just about everyone that steps in front of the camera immediately freezes and says, “tell me what to do?” you know what i say? have fun! just. have. fun. love on your kids. love on each other. goof around. play. pretend i’m not here. THAT’S what i want to see. yes, we’ll take some ‘posed’ pictures, because we can make them creative and ‘fun’ too, but i promise…you’ll forever love the ones where you’re just being your silly old self.
20150517-DSC_265520150517-DSC_270020150517-DSC_262420150517-DSC_256420150517-DSC_257520150517-DSC_2729oh yeah…and kisses. lots of kisses!


a huge thank you to all of the known (and unknown) artists who helped make this shoot, and this post possible. i sincerely thank you for making colorado so colorful!

denver engagement photographerCELEBRATING LOVE

all images © studio 2015

happiness! i never dreamed that when i finally found my most favorite local hair stylist, that i would also be finding one of my most favorite future clients! this beautiful woman has not only referred me business, but she has given me the honor, (and joy!) of documenting some of the most important, memorable moments in her own life. she just makes me smile, for so many reasons. her fiancé is wonderful. their sweet baby boy is perfection. and i was not at all surprised to learn that her family and closest friends are absolute gems as well. i had such a blast capturing their engagement party. i’m sure it is a sign of things to come at their wedding in october, and for that i am beyond excited! they simply remind me why love my job.
DSC_7863DSC_8306DSC_7866DSC_7888DSC_7902DSC_7895-2DSC_7909this amazing gal went above and beyond the call of duty. and people, this girl knows how to throw a party! no detail was overlooked, no glass was left empty, and every guest was made welcome beyond measure. from the intricate display of food, to the live band, to the silly string barrage, she knew how to keep a guest wanting more.

DSC_7905 DSC_7939DSC_7954 DSC_7944-2DSC_7968DSC_7960 DSC_7963 DSC_7974DSC_7967DSC_7997 connection is one of the reasons i love photography. it’s the kind of stuff that makes the world go round. it’s a reason to smile. witnessing it, capturing it…helping people to remember it. it’s just good stuff. it’s so much easier to stand back and click away when i’m watching people connect, laugh, play, smile. i love capturing life as opposed to a facade. don’t get me wrong, posed images can be beautiful, but there’s just something special about recording life as it happens.

DSC_8002DSC_8027DSC_8014DSC_8037DSC_8033DSC_8056DSC_8010 DSC_8058 DSC_8061 DSC_8074 DSC_8078 DSC_8090 DSC_8109DSC_8114 DSC_8115 DSC_8119 DSC_8130 DSC_8132 DSC_8137 DSC_8150 DSC_8170DSC_8156-2DSC_8186 DSC_8225DSC_8280DSC_8192 DSC_8254DSC_8289DSC_8285-2DSC_8292DSC_8299-2DSC_8428DSC_8336 DSC_8341 DSC_8350 DSC_8360 DSC_8364DSC_8312DSC_8113for reals. this engagement party could not have been a more festive, joyous celebration of two people preparing to unite their lives. yay love! yay marriage!

colorado wedding photographerYOUNGER RANCH BRIDAL SHOOT

of course i couldn’t resist a beautiful bridal shoot at a spectacular outdoor venue, (even if it meant shooting in freezing weather, two flat tires, and a tow truck stuck in the mud…twice). totally worth it. this younger ranch bridal shoot was one of my favorites! these lovely models did an unbelievable job at pretending they weren’t freezing, just long enough for us to capture some gorgeous, winter-esque shots.DSC_7173 DSC_7219 DSC_7332 DSC_7347 DSC_7367 DSC_7370-2see? how they remained so composed (and stunning), i have no idea. i could barely hold my camera still with all the shivering. but oh how the grass is greener on the other side…literally. anyone who has lived in colorado knows, if you want the weather to change – you wait five minutes. so we did. and then we walked around the corner. can you believe these two shoots were with minutes, (and feet) of each other?

DSC_7436-2DSC_7435DSC_7414DSC_7392DSC_7449so then we waited five more minutes. more snow. more freezing. and more fun! i loved these ladies’ attitudes and dispositions throughout the shoot, despite the frigid conditions. you’d never know that their lips were actually turning purple behind those sensational smiles!

DSC_7626DSC_7150DSC_7138 DSC_7141and what was behind door number three? darkness…cobwebs…lumber…(the joys of shooting in a barn), and this lovely lady! what a trooper. it’s often a small challenge to get my clients to really open up and give me that genuine, authentic, laugh-like smile. but she nailed it. despite being frozen to the core.

DSC_7489DSC_7544 DSC_7564 DSC_7631-2 and finally…a jacket! i couldn’t not include this last shot, in spite of the hoodie. her eyes were so mesmerizing. i just wanted to stare at them!

DSC_7660a very huge thank you to:

– all of the models who held it together so marvelously

– tina joiner of tina joiner photography for organizing this amazing bridal shoot

– younger ranch for such a perfect venue

– and to all the denver photo betties who went out of their way to rescue me so that i could still be a part of this wonderful shoot!

denver portrait photographerlittle LOVE

i never cared too much about valentines day. until i had kids. i guess that’s because my husband and i never felt we needed an explicit holiday to celebrate our love for one another…and we certainly didn’t need one more reason to have candy and chocolate sitting around our house! for the sake of creating an excuse to go out on the town for a night, we made a tradition of having a “date” on february 13th, because it was so much easier to make a reservation, find a babysitter, park the car, (you get the idea). it was our perfect solution to ‘celebrating’ the holiday, without any risk of disappointment if things just didn’t work out for one reason or another. (i.e. this year our dinner “date” turned into an afternoon mountain bike ride, which may have actually been our best holiday yet!)

DSC_5751however, as i mentioned, my impartial attitude towards the holiday changed when i had kids. (but i suppose that has more to do with my innate desire to get crafty and host a party than anything else). most adults i know have very strong feelings about this particular holiday, one way or another, but promise a child some candy and cupcakes and they wouldn’t miss it for the world!

DSC_5807-2thus, the ‘baby valentine’ party was born. my boys, (with a little help from their mama), invited all of their ‘baby’ friends to a party that promised tasty eats and sweet treats, and you better believe they all showed up! this party quickly became one of the most adorable events i have ever witnessed. so of course, i couldn’t not pull out my camera…

this year, for the first time, i offered a ‘mini session’ at our baby valentine party. and as i had expected, it was indeed, very adorable.DSC_6333DSC_6006DSC_6078DSC_6147DSC_6307DSC_6205 DSC_6271DSC_6218

denver newborn photographerA LITTLE BUNDLE

almost one year ago, an old college friend of mine contacted me to see if i was interested in shooting a spring mini session series, as a fund raiser for her local MOPS group. how could i say no?! the two days flew by as i photographed twenty different families. it turned out to be such a fun series, working with some amazing parents and some of the most adorable children!

it was here that i met this sweet family. at the time they had only one little boy. his eyelashes went on for days and i could not get over his contagious smile!

05-2i was delighted when this lovely mother hired me again, this time as a newborn photographer for her second little boy, who arrived just after valentine’s day. it was so fun to see how much their first son had grown, and to meet their newest addition, who was absolutely perfect.

DSC_6675-2DSC_6707-2DSC_0015it was no surprise that this sweet newborn had eyelashes just like his brother’s, and a look that could melt your heart! i instantly remembered why it was so easy to spend days just staring at your newborn, wondering where the time had gone and what on earth you’d been doing! this was why.

DSC_6431DSC_6474DSC_6466DSC_6536-2DSC_6494-2i never thought i’d be able to say with such conviction, “i love my job!” but i do. and this is why. i love the time spent with clients. i love getting to know them and their families. i love seeing them grow over time. i love rushing home to edit a session, knowing that i’ve captured some beautiful images that i can’t wait to share with them.

DSC_6518DSC_6639DSC_6376DSC_6416DSC_6729-2this family was an absolute joy to capture, once again. i loved watching their interactions with one another. it was very evident that this little man is going to make a wonderful big brother, to their new little bundle.


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