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this delightful party was everything i expected – a sweet feminine theme, amazing decor, delicious food, bouncing balloons, and tons of little friends. but the best part? the adorable, pint-sized hostess! she couldn’t have been cuter in her hot pink dress and teensy gold shoes, (and yes, she matched her party perfectly). there is almost nothing i love capturing more than tiny people having fun…lifestyle…not “posing” for the camera, but just having fun. being themselves. laughing, crying, and everything in between…this is the good stuff.
03939038037036035034031030029026028027025024have you ever seen a more beautiful cake for a two year old’s birthday? (me neither).

023022sometimes it’s really hard to turn two…

021but realizing you get to stuff your face with cake when it’s all over usually makes it all a little easier!

020019018and usually a few kisses from mama doesn’t hurt either.

017or snuggles from a “funny” uncle!

016and this guy…an unbelievable father, (and proud grandpa to say the least). he’s one of those people you just instantly love, (and later realize how lucky you are if he happened to be a part of your life). it’s no wonder he produced such an amazing family!

013012it’s also hard to be a baby sometimes…(especially since you don’t get the cake part to make it all better) :/

015umm…that hair! so impressed.

014010opening all those presents was hard work…

009 i’m outa here.

011008 007 006 005 004 003 002 001 000the end.

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