of course i couldn’t resist a beautiful bridal shoot at a spectacular outdoor venue, (even if it meant shooting in freezing weather, two flat tires, and a tow truck stuck in the mud…twice). totally worth it. this younger ranch bridal shoot was one of my favorites! these lovely models did an unbelievable job at pretending they weren’t freezing, just long enough for us to capture some gorgeous, winter-esque shots.DSC_7173 DSC_7219 DSC_7332 DSC_7347 DSC_7367 DSC_7370-2see? how they remained so composed (and stunning), i have no idea. i could barely hold my camera still with all the shivering. but oh how the grass is greener on the other side…literally. anyone who has lived in colorado knows, if you want the weather to change – you wait five minutes. so we did. and then we walked around the corner. can you believe these two shoots were with minutes, (and feet) of each other?

DSC_7436-2DSC_7435DSC_7414DSC_7392DSC_7449so then we waited five more minutes. more snow. more freezing. and more fun! i loved these ladies’ attitudes and dispositions throughout the shoot, despite the frigid conditions. you’d never know that their lips were actually turning purple behind those sensational smiles!

DSC_7626DSC_7150DSC_7138 DSC_7141and what was behind door number three? darkness…cobwebs…lumber…(the joys of shooting in a barn), and this lovely lady! what a trooper. it’s often a small challenge to get my clients to really open up and give me that genuine, authentic, laugh-like smile. but she nailed it. despite being frozen to the core.

DSC_7489DSC_7544 DSC_7564 DSC_7631-2 and finally…a jacket! i couldn’t not include this last shot, in spite of the hoodie. her eyes were so mesmerizing. i just wanted to stare at them!

DSC_7660a very huge thank you to:

– all of the models who held it together so marvelously

– tina joiner of tina joiner photography for organizing this amazing bridal shoot

– younger ranch for such a perfect venue

– and to all the denver photo betties who went out of their way to rescue me so that i could still be a part of this wonderful shoot!

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